Decking and Cladding

Decking and Cladding


Available in both solid brass and silicon bronze, they are cut from hard drawn wire, resulting in larger plain shank diameter, tapering to a point, with approximately 2/3 length threaded, and the top 1/3 plain.  This method of manufacture results in a thicker shank of the screw under the head, making it less vulnerable to torsion failure and breakage under the head.  In addition, the plain shank reduces the ingress of moisture into the timber creating a more effective water tight seal.

For outdoor applications on buildings within 5km of the ocean, we recommend silicon bronze as the superior fastener for its corrosion resistant properties.

Square Drive woodscrews:

Our screws are made with a deep positive drive, enabling you to power drive them into decks, with low risk of drive camming out.

We do recommend that screws are 'dressed' and drives are aligned, once installation is complete for the best aesthetic finish.

Torx Drive woodscrews:

These unique 6-point star drive screws have several benefits over square drive

They do not have an 'out of line' position, and thus do not have to be lined up once installed.

The drive is by design more forgiving of being driven from angles other than perpendicular, up to 15 degrees off centre.
The drive, whilst positive when screwing into timber, does not hold the bit the way a square drive will, thus releasing faster once installed.

Silicon Bronze Ring Nails:

Available in both rose head and flat head, these nails are rolled to have a one way annular barb that results in a positive hold into the timber, once installed, these nails are extremely difficult to remove.

Ideally suited for Western Red Cedar and other timber cladding and shingles, they are the recommended fasteners by many Australian timber suppliers, with some requiring silicon bronze fastening for installations in proximity to salt water.

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