Incompatible Materials

As much as we think the best of our products, they are not always the right fasteners for the job, and are not compatiable with all materials.


Copper based fasteners like brass and bronze are incompatible with aluminium.   When used for fastening aluminum, it will result in the galvanic corrosion of the aluminium, will be dissolve.  While nickel plated fasteners do have improved resistance to these reactions, we not recommend copper based fasteners for use in direct contact with aluminium products (cladding, subfloor framing).

Galvanised Steel

Using galvanised fasteners to install products such as copper roofing, sheeting or ridge capping, will result in corrosion of the copper around the fasteners.  We recommend either bronze screws or copper sheathing nails.

De-zincification of Brass

Our 'muntz metal' brass is a 60% copper, 40% zinc alloy, which makes it susceptible to de-zincification when used in the incorrect application.

Concrete - will result in de-zincification

Marine/Salt environments: While suitable for interior fixings and trims, brass in the corrosive salt/water environment will be susceptible over time to de-zincification, which can lead to pitting and fastener failure.


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