Test Reports

To ensure the quality of our product, we have independent material composition analysis performed in Australia to guarantee our product meets AS/ASTM standards.

Silicon Bronze:

Woodscrews: 8g; 10g; 12g; 14g; 16g

Machine Screw

Rod: 5/8" Stud; 1/2" Allthread; 5/8" Rod

Nuts & Washer: M12 Belleville; M12 Hex Nut; 1/2" UNC Spring Washer; 5/8" UNC Hex Nut

Ring Nail

Tensile Strength Test - M10 Hex Bolt


Woodscrews: 3g; 4g; 5g; 6g;


Square Copper Boat Nail

Other materials:

Phosphor Bronze Rod

Kuprodur - Cu5 - CuNiSi

Our manufacturer - Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd is an ISO2009 Certified factory