Made from marine grade Silicon Bronze (C651/C655) these are the ultimate in corrosion resistant fasteners that will not rust.

The addition of silicon to the copper results in a stronger and harder alloy, to the equivalent of mild steel.  Further adding to their strength, they are manufactured from hard drawn wire, resulting in stronger elemental bonding and alignment.

Predominately - all full thread bolts are rolled, all part thread bolts are cut.

Nuts and Washers - Please note due to the extensive range of options we carry in nuts and washers, these are sold separately.


Hex head bolts or set screws are a hexagonal head bolt with metal thread, that can either fastened with a nut and washer or into a female thread or component. 

Bolts are full thread unless otherwise specified.

Stock sizes: 1/4" - 1/2" UNC

M6 - M16

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Coach or cup head bolts are traditionally a timber fastening.  They have a smooth dome head – this makes them suitable to use in floors, steps or high traffic areas where a smooth finish is critical, or in outdoor furniture, raised garden beds, timber gates and fences, marine boat building and decks and docks.
The square under head is designed to ‘lock’ the bolt in place in a round hole to enable tightening  with a nut and washer.
Available in full thread or part thread.  Part thread has the advantage when used in a
timber application for creating a superior seal between the timber and the plain shank of the screw, reducing the ingress of moisture.

Stocked sizes:  3/16" - 1/2" UNC.

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A silicon bronze unbrako socket cap screw.

The smaller round head outside diameter makes these screws ideal for use as a pocketed fastener.

The positive engagement hex socket (Allen Key) drive assists in use in difficult to reach places, as well as allowing for high torque installation.

Stock Sizes: 1/4" - 1/2" UNC

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Timber lag bolt, hex lag screw or coach is a large silicon bronze timber woodscrew with a hex head. 
This is a heavy duty fastener, generally used for attaching metal
components to timber such as gate hinges. 
It is vital to ensure that this fastener has a correct size pilot hole, as an insufficient pilot will likely result in torsion failure on
installation.  See our pilot hole guide for more information.

Stocked Sizes: 1/4" - 5/8" - unlike woodscrews, this fastener size is the plain shank measurement

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A hangar bolt or lag screw is a large silicon bronze timber woodscrew and machine screw. Nominally half timber and half machine screw, they are designed to be fastened in to timber with additional hardware fastened with a nut and washer or threaded component.

Stocked Sizes: 3/8 - 5/8" UNC

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