Silicon Bronze Washers


Round flat washers are available in metric and UNC, standard
and large outside diameter. 
A flat washer is used in conjunction with a bolt or nut and bolt depending on application. 
The purpose of the washer is to protect the parent material. 
For use in timber, we recommend the larger outside diameter UNC washers.

Stock sizes #8 - 3/4"

M6 - M20

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Spring split washers are a locking washer with an offset twist providing a tension between the fastener and the parent material to
prevent loosening through vibration.

Stock Sizes: 3/16 - 5/8"

M3 - M12

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Belleville or spring disc washers are a cupped washer used in place of a spring and flat washer combination ideally suited to electrical applications where conductivity between the fastener and parent material is critical.  As the washer in compressed during installation, it engages at a molecular level ‘biting’ in to the parent material.

Stock Sizes: M6 - M16

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A finish or cup washer, these are designed to fit a countersunk/flat or oval/raised woodscrew.
These decorative washers give a large decorative head that sits above the surface of your timber.

Size gauge is matched to the woodscrew gauge.

Stocked sizes:  8g - 12g

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Phospor Bronze Washer


Phosphor Bronze Tooth washers are stocked in internal and external variants.  A locking washer, these are used to prevent loosening of the nut and enhanced conductivity.

Stocked sizes:  M6 - M16

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