Price List PDF

***please note - 2022 price lists are not current for new stock items - please check your product through the online shop for up to date prices.  We are working hard to get the new price lists uploaded for you*** (Feb 23)


If you wish to have a copy of the product range and prices - please follow the links to print or download a price lists below - please note these pages cannot be used to purchase, but you can use the part number to search for products in the shop to add to your cart.

Brass Price List - February 2023

Bronze Price List - Oct 2022

Copper Price List - Oct 2022


Bronze & Brass Fasteners - Complete Product Price list - Oct 2022


Please note - While every effort is made to ensure the data contained on these price lists is correct, there may be minor discrepancies between the online store and the downloaded list due to rounding adjustments.