What size wood screw do I need?

The 'G' in the screw size refers to the standard wire gauge.  Use either head or shank measurements of your screw and the table below to convert your screw size to the correct gauge.


 **each product has a specific dimension, check this to confirm your size

What if my screw doesn't match?

Depending on what you are doing, can influence how you choose your best option.

Old holes - you either want to go up a gauge (eg 8g to 10g) or if your application is restricts changing the gauge size (eg a hinge) then you want to pick a longer screw than the original.  By going longer/larger, your replacement screw will get maximum purchase into new timber.

New timber/pilot holes?

Choose the screw that best suits the look you want, as long as it maintains the structural integrity of the application.
If you are using hardware (eg hinges, handles) measure the holes of your fitting to ensure the new screw will fit.  


Measuring your woodscrew:

Head Diameter Measured across the outside of the head at the widest point
Major Shank Diameter Measured on the plain shank below the head
Length Varies slightly depending on head type