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Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty. Ltd.

113303 - Nickel Plated Brass Machine Screw Slotted Cheese Head - M3.5 x 8mm

113303 - Nickel Plated Brass Machine Screw Slotted Cheese Head - M3.5 x 8mm

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A metal thread machine screw that can either fastened with a nut and washer or into a female thread or component. 

Cheese Head Screw has a head with cylindrical sides with a flat disc top, and a flat bearing surface. The head is approximately half of its diameter, and features a slot drive.

Nickel Plating increases both the corrosion resistance and durability and wear resistance of the fastener, and increases hardness and durability of the substrate

These fasteners have a durable shiny silver finish, perfect for use with polished silver hardware and fittings or where a silver finish is preferred.

For electrical components, it helps ensure functionality and reliability, providing corrosion resistance, high solderability and a barrier to avoid metal migration.

Screw Size Chart

Head Diameter 6mm
Head Height 2.5mm
Electrical Conductivity (Nickel) 24%IACS
Thread Length Full Thread
 Finish Nickel Plated
 Material Solid Brass
 Length (under head) 8mm



Electronics Female threaded components
Clocks Instruments
Heritage Restoration
Vintage Cars Vintage Trains & trams
Automotive Aerospace

Manufactured for Bronze and Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd by Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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