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Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty. Ltd.

136154 - Silicon Bronze Nut Hex Lock (Jam/Half)- 1/2 - 13 UNC

136154 - Silicon Bronze Nut Hex Lock (Jam/Half)- 1/2 - 13 UNC

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A hexagonal jam nut - these nuts are thinner than a standard finish nut, and are normally used in conjunction with another nut to lock into place on a bolt/thread.  

When a jam nut 'locks', it results in a slight distortion of the thread on the nut, which stops it from undoing due to vibration/movement.  For this reason, a jam nut should always be replaced, not re-used once removed.

Manufactured for Bronze and Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd by Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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