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Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty. Ltd.

138020 - Silicon Bronze Nail Ring Nail Flat- 2.94 x 32 mm - 9mm Head

138020 - Silicon Bronze Nail Ring Nail Flat- 2.94 x 32 mm - 9mm Head

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A ring, annular or grip fast nail with flat round head.  
One way barbs are rolled onto the shank during manufacture, so that once a nail is driven into the timber, the one way barbs grip and prevent the nail from coming out.

This nail size was made specifically for slate and slate type products.

Smaller sizes are suited for saddlery, bee keeping/hive frames, timber boxes and crates and marine applications.  For use in bee keeping frames, silicon bronze is a superior, inert, non-reactive fastener that will never rust, with natural antibacterial properties.

Larger sizes are ideal for use in western red cedar cladding and shingles and on soffits - these are the recommended fastener by many timber companies for use within 5kms of the ocean.

 Head Diameter 9mm
 Wire Gauge 11g

Manufactured for Bronze and Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd by Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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