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Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty. Ltd.

138901 - Silicon Bronze Nail Dump/Spike Flat- 3/8 x 6"

138901 - Silicon Bronze Nail Dump/Spike Flat- 3/8 x 6"

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Silicon Bronze Dumps or Spikes vary depending on country, can be square or round with different head types and are all used for similar applications.

Dumps or Spikes are used to fasten planking and decking to large timber work boats like tugs or trawlers, to a degree they have been replace with ever larger screws or lag bolts. The advantage with using dumps or spikes is speed of installation and removal compared with bolts or screws.

Other sizes are available by custom order only.

Head Diameter: 13.7mm

Head height: 5.2mm

Manufactured for Bronze and Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd by Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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