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Bronze & Brass Fasteners Pty. Ltd.

Cu5 (CuNiSi) Bolt Hex- M8-1.25 x 50mm (Full thread)

Cu5 (CuNiSi) Bolt Hex- M8-1.25 x 50mm (Full thread)

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Kuprodur is a copper, nickel, silicon high strength bronze alloy with 98% copper .

Hex head bolts or set screws are a hexagonal head bolt with metal thread, that can either fastened with a nut and washer or into a female thread or component. 


Nuclear Power Plants Water Treatment
Marine/Shipbuilding Electro-Tech Industries
Chemical Equipment  Low Temperature Tecnics


Electrical Conductivity% IACS: 55

Tensile Strength: 590N/mm2

Manufactured for Bronze and Brass Fasteners Pty Ltd by Yushung Metal Products Co., Ltd.

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